Real-Time Case Studies in Workday Payroll Training Designed by The Pros


Workday recently launched its Payroll services to effectively assist Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). The service is specifically designed for enterprises to get complete yet flexible control over their company’s database. Workday Payroll comes with several tools that will allow you to manage complicated audits, payment processing, and self-service for employees.

Though Workday Payroll made it easier for business persons to take a glance at the overall report, managing it requires proper skills. And that is why Cloud Foundation has introduced complete workday payroll training sessions for Corporate employees. The course was founded by professionals who are using the platform very effectively in their way. But before we describe more about the training, lets us know more about Workday Payroll

Key Features of Workday Payroll-

  • The Modern calculation engine can handle all the complex cases of your enterprise.
  • The service is specifically designed to run multiple pay groups together.
  • Employees will also access the platform and their personal information, including online, pays lips.
  • The service can offer self-service online W-2s, W-4s, tax, payment elections, audits before final payroll, and tax updates through a cloud-delivery model, system-to-system integration, and many more.
  • Workday Payroll is highly configurable for accumulations, balance periods, and balances according to your current calculation.
  • Again, the service offered Role-based and Segment-based access.

Workday Payroll Training-

Workday payroll training sessions offer 36 hours of training with 36 videos with real-time case studies. The platform is scheduled to launch four new batches. They are-

  • September 30 (Weekday) at 7.30 AM PST.
  • September 30 (Weekday) at 8.00 PM IST.
  • October 2 (Weekend) at 7.30 AM PST.
  • October 2 (Weekend) at 8.00 PM IST.

However, two batches have already started. They are-

  • September 14(Weekday) at 7.30 PM PST.
  • September 15(Weekday) at 8.00 AM IST.

All these batches have the same course depending on the plan. Each session has 36 hours of training. Each training has 1 video, which will take only 1 hour of your day. However, by purchasing the plan, you will get lifetime accessibility.

Plans of workday payroll training sessions-

CLOUD FOUNDATION has three different plans for the viewers.

  • Self-Paced Plan- The plan, along with the essential introduction period and 36 videos, has advanced sessions, interview Q&A, free study materials, and premium technical support. And students are allowed to access the video files whenever they want. But the plan applies to a single person only.
  • Instructor-Led Live Training Plan- The plan shares the same benefits as the Self-Paced plan. However, more than one person can join the course together.
  • Corporate Training- If you are looking for workday payroll training sessions for your employees, this plan will give you the best benefits.

Final Words-

The workday payroll training sessions may not be so beneficial for individuals because a person alone will not be able to get the best benefits of Workday Payroll. But the corporate training plan will surely boost the management of your company’s database because the platform has been designed by a professional to give you a hassle-free experience.

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